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What is MyStudyGenius

MyStudyGenius is an edtech startup that brings machine learning in a management platform for small to medium sized private schools.  

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In a intuitive tool, school managers can find a contact and course manager, a specialised calendar and a financing module, all interconnected to avoid duplication of data, and consequently save time, reduce mistakes and reduce paperwork. The all-in-one solution enables the use of machine learning to identify correlations between the modules, that can help the school manager take decisions based on real data. These can include financial forecasts, prediction on student dropout rates and the definition of best teaching methods or how the weather may affect class activities. 

Story behind

In 2015, while teaching Business English in Brazil, Benjamin experienced the challenge of self-organisation next to the teaching activities. In addition to the teaching hours, every month, each tutor of the school was required to report their activities to the school, that had to compile and check each document manually. From the efforts to automate this processes, Benjamin went from teacher to edtech entrepreneur: in Germany and with Caroline as a partner, the project of MyStudyGenius took shape as it is today. 

In August 2017, the company was officially registered in Kiel, North of Germany. After a phase of research and interviews with school of the region, a prototype was released to a group of 10 pilot users, in July 2018. Over 2 months they evaluated the system and provided important feedback for future improvements that will be implemented together with the first version of the machine learning module. In early 2019, the commercial version of the platform will be released to the market and the company operations will move to Berlin, in order to better connect with the edtech sector and the education associations in Germany. 

Business Model

The use of the platform is based on a monthly subscription of 40 EUR per school. Paid add-ons cost between 15 EUR to 25 EUR and bring extra features like a room manager, invoice creation and advanced analytics, and can be selected by the user to create a system that is tailored to the school's need and budget. This business model enables a competitive price and a flexible system.


Everyone involved with the creation of MyStudyGenius shares the dream to empower providers of education with technology. Our international team combines a set of different educational experiences, which result in a unique  composition of knowledge and skills:

Benjamin Flum | Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Benjamin is German and has an extensive international background.  Ba.  in Business Administration ( Netherlands) and MSc. in Management of IT (UK), Benjamin has lived in Thailand, the US and finally in Brazil, where he worked as a Business English tutor. 

Caroline Santos | Founder and  Chief Design Officer (CDO) - Caroline is a Brazilian UX designer with a Ba. in Design (Brazil) and is currently finishing her master in Sustainable Development (Germany). Before moving to  Germany, Caroline has founded in Brazil a initiative to IT courses to women and reached more than 20.000 girls. 

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MyStudyGenius Founders

Together with the founders and complementing the necessary set of skills work Felipe Grecov and Shu min Yang as backend and frontend developers.

The future of educationUsing the framework stated by the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, the team of MyStudyGenius developed three main work areas to drive the startup's activities within the next years: Community Building, Technology Democratization and Design of Solutions.

In practical terms, while consolidate its solutions in the market, MyStudyGenius intents to be engaged with the public sector and create focus groups with educators, policymakers and developers to identify best-practice technologies, promote technology transfer funds and optimise the daily operations of all stakeholders. Finally, a long-term goal is to found an Innovation Lab for Education Technology to drive experiments in the area and connect startups, teachers, and students.

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